Example parameter values for example steppers

Motor parameters examples

We'd like to post here the parameters we have actually tested and figured out for the motor we have in our lab. The parameters will be provided as a configuration file. https://github.com/ponoor/step-series-support/tree/main/configGenerator

Set parameters

config name

Config file names are set to Type_Voltage.

Voltage mode

  • Each KVAL values (KVAL_HOLD is set to half of the KVAL_RUN)
  • BEMF compensate parameter. Refer this article for the calculation.

Current mode

  • Each TVAL values (TVAL_HOLD is set to half of the TVAL_RUN)

Speed profile

The maximum motor speed and acceleration, deceleration vary greatly depending on the weight of load, size, mounting method. Therefore these values are set to default. Configure them with/setSpeedProfile and other commands while actuating loads.

File name

To differentiate the files on the link, their names are formatted toType_Voltage.json. However the name must be changed to config.txt when copying to microSD. For the detail please refer Set up with a miroSD card.

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