STEP400/800 is a multi-axis stepper motor driver which can control via Ethernet. The current firmware is based on Open Sound Control protocol. Arduino Zero and official Ethernet library compatible. Stepper driver chips of STEP400 are STMicroelectronics's powerSTEP01, and STEP800's are L6470 which provide most of functionalities as a stepper driver. If you take a look at these datasheets, it will be easier to understand the functions and commands.

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STEP400/800 have almost the same command system. If there are no special notes, the commands are common to both models. Also, " this device" means that it applies to both boards.


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Connections and settings

This section explains hardware connections and settings before sending commands.

Functional descriptions

This section explains some basic functionalities of STEP400 behind each commands.

OSC command reference

Description for each OSC commands.

Technical information

This section contains information about compiling firmware, hardware configuration, and other information needed to customize this device.

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