Automatically sent messages from the device


Most of messages sent from the device are responses regarding enquiry messages. For example, when sending the message /getPosition to the device in order to acquire one's current position, the response message sent from the device will be /position. However, some messages are, as opposed to the responses to the specific messages, automatic messages which correspond to the state changes of the board. This chapter explains this sort of automatic messages.

Startup Notification



This message is automatically sent out when the device has (re)started. By watching the message, you can detect reset event of the device triggered by some reason.

The message will be sent out one second after the firmware is started up and the ethernet link is established. The message will be sent to, means broadcasting to all nodes within the subnet.

This message can be disabled from the Config Tool.

Sent Message

/booted (int)deviceID
Argument Range Description
deviceID 0-255 The device ID set by the DIP Switch




Sent if any error is detected in the received OSC message.

Sent Message

/error/osc (symbol)errorText
Argument Description
errorText A character string that indicates the details of an error.
Error Text
errorText Description
messageNotMatch There is no corresponding command
oscSyntaxError The OSC format is out of standard
WrongDataType Wrong datatype of in argument(s)



This message will be sent if an error is detected while executing a command.

The message can be enabled or disabled with /reportError command.

Sent Message

/error/command (Symbol)ErrorText (int)motorID
Argument Range Description
ErrorText A character string that indicates the details of an error.
motorID 1-4/1-8 The motor's ID
Error Text
ErrorText Explanation
CommandIgnored The command is currently not executable. Also refer Timing section.
MotorIdNotMatch Motor ID is not appropriate.
BrakeEngaging A motion command was sent while the electromagnet brake was active.
HomeSwActivating Movement from home sensor position towards the origin point.
LimitSwActivating Movement from limit sensor position towards the opposite direction from origin.
GoUntilTimeout Timeout while executing /goUntil command.
ReleaseSwTimeout Timeout while executing /releaseSw command.
InServoMode Received a command which can not be executed while servo mode.

Notification of State


Please see /enableBusyReport


Please see /enableHizReport


Please see /enableMotorStatusReport


Please see /homing

Alarm Notifications


Please see /enableUvloReport


Please see /enableThermalStatusReport


Please see /enableOverCurrentReport


Please see /enableStallReport

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