Sending command

Electromagnet brake mode

To use the electromagnetic brake, brake mode must first be activated. To do this, send the command /enableElectromagnetBrake or from the config tool under Electromagnetic brake enable.

If the mode is enabled, the brake will be controlled according to the motors' excitation state.

Switching States

With the command /activate, you can switch the excitation state of the motor. The brake will be released when the motor is excited and engage when the motor is not excited.

The overlapping time Brake Transition Duration can be set from /setBrakeTransitionDuration or from the config tool under Brake transition duration.

Releasing the Hold

Any load will be releasing when the holding torque on it is lost. However, there are cases where this behavior is desired. To do this, the command /free can be sent.

WARNING: Be very careful when sending this command. It is dangerous while any load is still attached to the motor! Ensure the load is safed before sending this command!

Command Behaviors

While the EM brake is engaged, the motion commands /run, /goTo, and /move are not executed. Instead, the error ERROR_BRAKE_ENGAGED message will be raised.

Commands that put the motor into a non-excited state (torque hold released) will behave as follows:

  • /softHiZ: Decelerate the motor to a stop, engage the brake, then release the motor (HiZ state).
  • /hardHiz: Stop the motor immediately, engage the brake, then release the motor (HiZ state).

/softStop and /hardStop have no change in behavior and will operate like normal. The brake is not engaged when these commands are sent and the motor is kept excited.

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