Sending command

Electromagnet brake mode

To use the electromagnetic brake, the electromagnet brake mode is activated first. From send the command /enableElectromagnetBrake from OSC, or it can be configured from configTool -Electromagnetic brake enable.

If the mode is enabled, EM brakes will be controlled according to motors' excitation state.

Switching between excitiation and non-excitation state

With the command /activate you can switch motor to be excited or not excited. The brake will be released when the motor is excited and brake will engate if motor is not excited.

The overlapping time brakeTransitionDuration for the brake and motor hold can be set from /setBrakeTransitionDuration, or from configTool under Brake transition duration.

Releasing axis

The load will fall down if you let the motor to not to excite, while the EM brake is also released, but if you need to release the axis for some reasons like maintainance, you can use /free command.

Be very careful to send this command. It is dangerous while the load is till attached to the motor!

Behavior of each command

While the EM brake is engaging, the motion commands like

And commands that let the motor to non-exited state, will behave as follows

  • /softHiZ: Descelerate the motor and stop, engage the EM brake, then let the motor to High Z state.
  • /hardHiz: Stops the motor immediately, engages the EM brake, then keep the motor in High Z state.

/softStop and /hardStop will keep the motor in excitation, therefore the behavior is same as the normal operation mode.

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