Wiring the power source

Power source voltage

Supply power for the electromagnetic brake. Many EM brakes use 24V, but please refer to the datasheet of your motor.

Power supply terminal

There are two types of power supply terminals: the DC barrel jack and the Euro-style terminal block. As these are connected on the PCB, DO NOT SUPPLY BOTH AT THE SAME TIME

DC jack

  • Outer diameter 5.5mm
  • Inner diameter 2.1mm
  • Center positive

Euro-style terminal block

A 3.81mm pitch, 2pin Euro-style terminal block is built-in. Refer to the polarity described on the PC for connecting your DC supply correctly.

Connecting the brake

Connect the wires from the EM brake's terminal block to the corresponding motor. Note how each terminal on the brake is numbered just like the STEP400--make sure these match in terms of wiring.

Like most EM brakes, this brake has a polarity requirement, so wire your motor as stated on the PCB.

Connecting the STEP400

Connect the STEP400 using the provided 6-pin ribbon cable.

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