The firmware update

Updating the firmware

The firmware may be updated for bugfixes and adding features.

Please check the current firmware verison on the controller first, then if it's older than the version published on Github, please update the firmware.

Checking firmware version burned on to the controller

One method is to check the over the OSC through ethernet. Another metod is to check from serial monitor over USB.

Check over OSC

With /getVersion message you can check the current firmware version. For detail, please command reference for /getVersion.

Check from USB

Connect STEP400 and your PC with USB cable, send s from serial monitor. From the responce message, you can obtain the firmware version. See more detail for Diagonosis via USB serial port under Firmware section.

To check the latest firmware version

Check the latest firmware version from the Github repository of STEP400.

Updating firmware

If the firmware on the controller is old. Please update the firmware. The update can be done by compiling and uploading latest firmware sketch from Arduion IDE. Refer Compiling Arduino sketch for more detail.

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