• STEP series

    Stepper motor drivers for creative coders

  • Sun and Moon Room

    by anno lab

  • Flower Mirror

    by dot by dot


    by WOW inc.
    Stepper motors for precise motion control

  • Ghibli’s Phantom Lighthouse

    by Studio Ghibli


    by rhizomatiks

  • The Flying Structure (Ghibli Expo)

    by Studio Ghibli

  • Emerge

    by WOW inc.

  • Israel Galván + YCAM “Israel & Israel”

    by Israel Galvan + YCAM

  • Miracle

    by Keiji Haino, Noriyuki Kiguchi
    Is it possible to press all the keys on the piano at the same time? And how to know the result.

  • βooming βox

    The drum pad with physical reactions

  • Strobe module for Eurorack

    prototype of 100W COB LED strobe module for Eurorack

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