Emerge from WOW inc. on Vimeo.

WOW inc.'s work "Emerge" is an installation of fiber-optic cables that move around in a wriggling motion. You can find more information about the work here.
We were responsible for the control system and employed a stepper motor to provide the quiet, high-torque driving force for shaking optical fibers.
We designed a dedicated board that incorporated motor control using PowerSTEP01, high-speed, high-resolution PWM dimming of the power LEDs, and DMX communication.


Artist : WOW inc.
Creative Director / Planner / Technical Director:Shunsaku Ishinabe
Conceptor:Yuki Tazaki
Executive Producer:Hiroshi Takahashi
Producer:Yasuaki Matsui
Assistant Producer:Seiichi Saito

Device Development
Tasko inc.:Masataka Kimura, Masaki Sato, Naoto Ooi
Ponoor Experiments Inc.:Kanta Horio, Taiki Niimi

Organizer:Reborn Art Festival 2019

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