SHIBUYA SKY is an observation deck located in SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE SQUARE. The observation deck consists of three zones: the SKY GATE, a transitional space on the 14th to 45th floors, the SKY STAGE, an outdoor observation space, and the SKY GALLERY, an indoor observation corridor on the 46th floor.
We were involved in early prototyping of the idea for the SKY GALLERY's TIME RIVER, and implemented an admittance-type tactile interface where the interaction between the force applied to the device and the actions of the visitor triggers the next movement. The system is such that the feel of movement, shaped by high-speed computation, is transmitted directly from the palm of the hand.
On the technical side, we have built a dedicated controller that generates a pulse stream with PID control to accomplish a delicate touch feelings.

In addition, we developed the sensing section of PARALLEL WINDOWS on the same floor, and also many more early prototypes for various locations in the facility.


Concepter / Project director | Keisuke Arikuni (Rhizomatiks)
Project manager / Planner | Daichi Sato (Daichi Sato Atelier)
Project manager / Planner | Takahito Hosono (Rhizomatiks)
Technical director | Tatsuya motoki (Rhizomatiks)
Space director | Shinya Akahane
Space designer | Keisuke Yoshida (Nomura)
          Shuta Fukahori(Nomura) 
Production Manager | Yuya Endo(Nomura)
System equipment director | Ken Yamada
Sound director / Designer | Setsuya Kurotaki

Visual programmer |  Futa Kera (Rhizomatiks)        
Hardware engineer | Tomoaki Yanagisawa (Rhizomatiks)
          Kanta Horio (Ponoor Experiments)         
         Niimi Taiki
Mechanism engineer | Tatsuo Hayashi (TASKO inc)
           Masataka Kimura (TASKO inc)
Software engineer |  Kazuki Saita (Kinoshita Lab.)
         Alberto Boem
Assistant engineer | Tatsuya Motoki (Rhizomatiks)

Visual programmer |  You Tanaka (Rhizomatiks)
Hardware engineer |  Kanta Horio (Ponoor Experiments)
          Niimi Taiki
Assistant engineer | Tatsuya Motoki (Rhizomatiks)
Movie Producer |  Kenji Aritomo (TYO Drive)
Movie Production Manager | Kazuya Kawamura (TYO Drive)
               Akira Nagasawa (TYO Drive)
Movie motion director | Masaki Ishii (NISHIKAIGAN)
Movie motion producer | Hiromitsu Sunaga (NISHIKAIGAN)
Realtime camera producer  | Yoshiaki Ishigaya (crank)
Realtime camera  | Shota Yoshikawa (crank)

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