A 8-axis stepper motor driver for creative coders

STEP800 is a stepper motor driver board capable of controlling up to 8 axes. STEP800 elegantly combines all the necessary functions on a single board, from communication to control, into a simple and complete package. STEP800 uses Open Sound Control (OSC), which based on standard Ethernet rather than a specialized industrial standard, to achieve ease of use while ensuring that it is reliable enough for use in art, design or any other creative applications. Easily controlled by creative coding environments such as openFrameworks, Processing, Max, Unity, and Touch Designer.
Since a single STEP800 can control up to 8 motors , it has been used in many projects that require control of numerous motors.

Timeframe for STEP800

We are preparing to start retail distribution in middle 2021.
If you need a large quantity, we may be able to accommodate your needs without following the schedule above, so please contact us.

STEP800 and STEP400

For more information on the differences between STEP800 and STEP400, see this Update.

Features & Specifications

  • MCU: Microchip ATSAMD21G18A
  • Ethernet controller: Wiznet W5500
  • Stepper driver: STMicroelectronics L6470
  • Axes: 8
  • Applicable motor: Bi-polar stepper motor
  • Input voltage: 9-32 V
  • Maximum phase current: 3 A (under ideal conditions)
  • Power input terminal: M3 screw terminal
  • Stepper output terminal: 3.81 mm euro style terminal block
  • Sensor input terminal: 8 JST XA (B03B-XASK-1)
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