Electromagnetic brake board for STEP400

Electromagnet brake board for STEP400

This is an optional control board for stepper motors with an electromagnetic brake. An electromagnetic brake is only unlocked when the power is energized, so it can safely hold the load when the system shuts down or the power supply is unexpectedly cut off.

To use this board, a motor with an electromagnetic brake is required and is not included.


Supply voltage : 5V-48V
Number of the channel : 4ch
Board dimension : 45 x 56 mm



MOSFET datasheet
The rating on the datasheet is 60V28A. In reality, it is limited to the 7A rating of the power terminal block, but it is possible to run other loads such as LEDs or motors within that range. The firmware only defines the operation as an electromagnetic brake, so if you want to run it with your own timing, you will need to rewrite the firmware as needed.

PCB outline dimension


  • 3.81mm pitch 2 pin Euro-style pluggable terminal block x5
  • 6pin ribbon cable with IDC connectors x1

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