Open Studio

Ponoor Experiments inc will hold an open studio to celebrate the release of our first public product, STEP400 (stepper motor driver).

You can experience demonstrations of STEP400 in combination with actual project mechanisms and in various development environments, as well as experimental prototypes of sound, vibration and haptic devices that we have created. STEP400 is currently looking for support on Crowd Supply, a crowdfunding site dedicated to hardware.

We will be waiting for you with some refreshments while we prepare for infection control. No reservations are required. Please come to our Togoshiginza studio, where you can enjoy hanging out and eating in the neighborhood.
It will also be held on the Discord server at the same time. You can watch it as a stream. Feel free to talk to me as I show you the details of the demo, and ask any questions you may have! Here is the invitation link.  

Date : 24th October, 2020 (Saturday) 1pm-7pm
Venue : Ponoor Experiments inc.
Nakanou Bldg 1Fl, Ebara 2-9-12, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 142-0063

Reservation : Not required.
Inquiry : info@ponoor.com


Products and prototypes

A 4-axis stepper motor driver which can drive from tiny to high powered motor, control via Open Sound Control. It offers ease of use while ensuring enough reliability for art and design projects.

A 8-axis stepper driver. Although the size of the motor it can drive is limited compared to the STEP400, it is optimized for projects that require large amounts of motor control and has been used in many cases.

A tactile blind soccer game viewing device by PARA-SPORTS LAB. Developed by Dentsu Lab Tokyo / TASKO inc. / Qoncept Inc. and us.


βooming βox
This is a drum pad with programmed, physically responsive pads, by collaboration between Taeji SAWAI, Satoru HIGA, and Kanta HORIO.

A Strobe module for Eurorack
This eurorack module has 100W strong LED, synchronized with the GATE signal, it emits extreme light that the user can't see anything.

Loudspeaker Interface Project
Some prototypes that use the loudspeaker for both operation and output will be demonstrated. It was co-developed with Taeji Sawai and eventually evolved into a collaboration with BOREDOMS.

Prototypes of physical feedback interfaces
We are currently working on prototyping interfaces which integrates motion and operation by feedback control with Nao Kojima and Taiki Niimi. We will show a part of it.

Some demonstrations and exhibits are not allowed to be photographed, so we ask for your cooperation.

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