Ponoor Experiments

Sound, which is a mechanical phenomenon created by the movement of objects and air, and electricity, light, and magnetism, which are the worlds of electromagnetic waves. How is it possible for a machine to connect and convert these phenomena? What relationships can we discover there?

Ponoor Experiments is an experimental workshop for hands-on, bottom-up discovery and invention.


The name "Ponoor" comes from the ponor, the entrance to the underground water vein in karst formations. In a karst landscape made of water-soluble rocks, rivers seep underground before they form valleys, creating intake holes for the rivers. This water then reappears above ground from a cave or spring at a lower elevation.

According to a book I read somewhere a long time ago, when examining the structure of a groundwater vein, colored water is poured out of a ponol to see where the color comes from.


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