Obtaining Sensor Connectors

Due to the recent shortage of general electronic components, JST's XA series, which is used as a sensor connector for STEP400/STEP800, has also become difficult to obtain.
So we will provide following components set per product, from June 2022.

  • The connector housing JST XAP-03V-1(PP) or equivalent x8pcs
    • If we do not have the relevant product in stock, it will be a different color product of the same shape and performance. The color cannot be specified.
  • The contact BXA-001T-P0.6 SXA-001T-P0.6L x approx. 30pcs
    • The contact MPN changed. (15th Aug, 2022)

The contents included are the same for both STEP400/STEP800. For products sold by distributors, we plan to enclose them in the next delivery lot, but it is expected to take some time until the current inventory is replaced. So far, we have already started to enclose them for direct sales from us. As of now, we have started to enclose them in products sold directly from our company.

Our direct shop is available from here.

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