A 4-axis stepper motor driver for creative applications

STEP400 is a 4-axis stepper motor driver designed for art or design projects. Specially focused on working with Open Sound Control (OSC) via Ethernet, which is a common protocol for creative coding environments, like openFrameworks, Processing, Max, Unity, or Touch Designer. STEP400 is a practical tool for both individual practitioners such as artists or designers, and professionals in the creative industries.

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Features & Specifications

  • MCU: Microchip ATSAMD21G18A
  • Ethernet controller: Wiznet W5500
  • Stepper driver: STMicroelectronics PowerSTEP01
  • DC-DC converter: ROHM BD9G341AEFJ
  • Axes: 4
  • Applicable motor: Bi-polar stepper motor
  • Input voltage: 12-72 V
  • Maximum phase current: 5 A (under ideal conditions)
  • Power input terminal: M3 screw terminal
  • Stepper output terminal: 3.81 mm euro style terminal block
  • Sensor input terminal: 8 JST XA (B03B-XASK-1)